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About Us

Rising Sun Comics is an independent publisher known for its past work in fan comics. In 2013 the company relaunched with a new vision of creating original comics driven by the artists and writers that

work on them.


Our creative teams both own and control the original titles they work on. This allows our books a unique vision, while giving the creative team the ability to give input on every stage of the project. Our goal is to ultimately create comics that express the visions of our creative team for everyone to enjoy.

As of 2016 Rising Sun Financial has separated divisions and product development.

The New Zealand division as of 2018 will be working with Australia, New Zealand  and  the islands to  expand our Trans-Tasman division to now be called RISING SUN COMICS OCEANIA



The beginning was around 1999 with posting of fan comics on message boards we release several book with the Rising sun on it in the years to come. Rising Sun Comics as a company was created by Jamar Miller in 2008. Jamar is a long time GI Joe fan and started Rising Sun Comics as a way to share his stories that expanded the GI Joe Universe. Rising Sun Comics has since released over 50 issues of fan comics.

Jamar was inspired by GI Joe characters created for the UK Battle Action Force series as well as Joe characters from other countries and toy lines. He has written a complex story that interweaves multiple toy lines from different series. Some of these story lines reference comics from as far back at the 1980’s.


At the same time Aruneshwar A Singh was running Rising Sun comics In New Zealand (2006) with a focus on the Indy style books. Equally the Jim Marshals site BFTB was running around 2004 


The company has changed many times and will continue to change, as we want to grow with our readers.

Red Handed Studios, and Enemy Transmission, have joined forces with Rising Sun to provide exciting new direction and development for the company.


Rising Sun Comics G.I.Joe, Cops, Mask, Jem fan related books were never released in comic book stores and were only available through the internet. They were available for only a shipping and handling fee, and sold privately not for profit. They are not officially endorsed by Hasbro. 


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