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Armadillo Justice follows our heroes, Curly, Billy Bob, and Billy Rock after they crash land on earth.


Now these comical space armadillos must defend their new found home from the evil ant empire that plans to colonize the world!

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Armadillo Justice

follows our heroes Curly, Billy Bob, and Billy Rock, three space armadillos stranded on earth.

Read about the Dillo's fun 

adventures here on earth.


These books contain 20 full color story pages and are suited for all ages. In the back of the book you'll also find character information and artist/creator bios!.


These books can be purchased digitally or in print format!


Armadillo Justice:Tall Tails

is the short story companion series to Armadillo Justice. Each book tells a stand alone story that follows our heroes on crazy adventures.


These books contain 12 full color pages and features fun activities for kids in each book. Including ant language translation and puzzles. This book is aimed at kids 8-12, however we find it funny too!


These books can be purchased digitally or in print format!


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Wing lam Chung

“I’m in highschool and the armadillos are the coolest guys I’ve ever met. When I’m not hanging out with Curly, Rock and Bob I’m helping out my Uncle and Grandfather over at the Golden Bug restaurant. I’m also pretty handy so I’ve added some special upgrades to the Dillo truck. I’m not gonna lie, they’re pretty awesome. Wait till you see them!”

Amy Lowry

“My name is Amy Lowry and I am local veterinarian for Parched Valley. When I’m not helping local animals I’m tending after my ranch. At least that’s what I used to do before these wacky space armadillos showed up! The armadillos needed a place to live and I had room on the ranch. I haven’t had a boring day since they arrived!”


Billy Rock

“I’m basically the team hero and who everyone turns to when trouble rears its head. I’m essentially in charge and everyone looks up to me. I remember this one time when I saved everyone from a horrible thousand-headed monster, pretty much by myself. There I was…OOOH ICE CREAM!”

Billy Bob

“I’m the team mechanic and handyman. If it doesn’t work or Rock broke it then I’m the one to fix it. The thing I like doing most is tinkering on the Dillo truck with our friend Wing. ROCK, NO that doesn’t go there…”


“I’m the team leader and it’s my job to make sure that we defeat the Ant Queen and keep our new home safe. The thing I like doing most is delivering a little Armadillo Justice and when we’re not I…ROCK PUT THAT DOWN!”

Queen Formisia

“I don’t know who you are and why I should bother talking to you, but (sigh) I’m the Queen of the ants. Our goal is simple. We are going to mine Earth of every precious resource we can and then we are going to move on. Well, that was the plan before the armadillos started to interfere. They really are exhausting.”

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