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Nuclear war, fallout, and biological weapons have rendered mankind devastated and mutated.

Two decades after, a small band of unmutated humans are forced to venture into the outside world, after years of isolation, now they must adapt to the new world and find out ways to survive or die. 

Collapse Character Bios

Jackson Armstrong

Age: 26

Bio: A student of science since his early years, Jack grew up within the bunker, spending his youth learning from his father, Billy. Now an aspiring scientist, Jack focuses mostly on his work. Despite being well-liked, Jack has very little time for others, save for his father with whom he spends most of his time.

Samantha Reynolds

Age: 25

Bio: Sam was only five when her father moved them into Sunset Labs' facilities, Sam has been sheltered from the outside world, but Jim has trained her both physically and mentally. A woman in peak condition, Sam is an expert shot with an assortment of weapons, as well as having a wealth of knowledge in the engineering field.

Amelia Jordan

Age: 13

Bio: Being the only survivor to be born in the bunker, she has never been outside, before or after the war. Amelia possesses a strong desire to leave the bunker, if only briefly to experience the outside world. Amelia has formed a strong bond with many of the women in the bunker, including Samantha, Nadira and Abey.

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