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Year 5


For a limited time check out the re-release of the Millerverse, a classic Action Force Fan Comic Series created by Jamar Miller!


Click the covers to start reading some of these classic books on our sister site Blood for the Baron.


 These books are available in print through a monthly supscription service with Rising Sun Comics.


They will be released once a month in read order. The subscrption will cover 12 issues.









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The Millerverse are all the comics written by Jamar Miller. All of them were a linked story and are shown here in read order. Follow the link below to find out more.





049 Commandos Em Arco - 03 cover A

049 Commandos Em Arco -  03 cover B

050 Commandos Em Arco - 04 cover A

051 Action Force - Of Skars and Shadows 02 cover A

050 Commandos Em Arco -  04 cover B

051 Action Force - Of Skars and Shadows 02 cover B

052 Action Force - Of Scars and Shadows 03 cover A

052 Action Force - Of Skars & Shadows 03 cover B

053 Action Force - Of Skars and Shadows 04 cover A

053 Action Force - Of Skars and Shadows 04 cover B

054 Commandos Em Arco - 05 cover A

054 Commandos Em Arco -  05 cover B

055 MASK -  11 cover A

055 MASK -  11 cover B

special Hai Jinxed life

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