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Armadillo Justice


Hired Kill


Armadillo Justice
Hired Kill

What happens when an evil empire of space ants tries to take over the world and nothing stands in their way but a plucky group of space armadillos?  Join us on the crazy adventures between the pages of Armadillo Justice.


Twenty years ago, Nuclear and biological warfare ravaged the planet. Now, a sheltered group of humans are forced into the outside world to face the reality of their new lives and the mutated humans who now roam the surface.

In the distant future there is a constant power struggle between technology and politics. Read on as humans and mutants a like struggle to find balance in this action packed comic.


Henry is a simple hamster living among the drunken mice of Hooch Springs. When the evil rat empire shows up at his doorstep, intending to enslave him, Henry might have to become the ruthless killing machine he was destined to be.

Black Lotus Empire
Fallen Justice
Dead Reckoning

China is now the sole economic and military superpower in the world, and the government frequently engages in intimidation, violence, and the control of information to keep the people in line. But cracks are forming, and the leaders know that unrest may threaten their rule, so the authority has been given to create the Black Lotus Program.


What if dying wasn't the end? What if there was a sprawling city instead of brimstone or pearly gates? And what if the people living there weren't alone? Unravel the mystery of the undead and those before death in Purgatory.

Justice Theta is the most powerful hero in the world. And he only has 3 months to live.

What if Wild Bill Hickock had a little sister? Her name would be E.B. Parker and she’d be out there, in space, rippin into bounty scoundrels with razor-edged knives, a pair of smoking’ AA 5600 Pacifiers and the attitude of a rabid wolverine that just missed breakfast. Don’t believe me? Read on and don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


Dynagirl front page tab.png

When Kerri Masters is offered a chance to return to her glory days as the costumed heroine Dynagirl, she must finally come face to face with the ghosts that seem to haunt her wherever she goes.

Check out our awesome selection of free web comics! Comics that are currently available are  Red and Green seasons one and two, My Pet Ninja, Increadigirl, and Henry the Cantankerous Web Comic.
Check back often for both weekly and monthly updates of these comics.

Take a look at our free fan-made GI Joe web comics. Some of the comics we have to offer are Cobra The Enemy, GI Bob, and GI Joe The Comic Strip.


All the work is done by fans for fans! Let us know what you think and tell us your take on the Joe universe.  


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